KAYA is a Western Thriller short film starring Shakira Barrera (Netflix’s GLOW), shot in New Mexico in July 2018, supported in part by The Future of Film is Female. The film will enter the festival circuit in 2019. More here>


CONSOMMÉ is a six-minute subversive horror film starring Monica West, now streaming on AMC’s Shudder and Vimeo. It screened at festivals in 2016, and at MoMA as part of The Future of Film is Female series highlighting female directors in 2018.

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Best Thing You'll Ever Do, created by Monica West and directed by Catherine Fordham, is an award-winning scripted mini-series tackling "the baby question."  More here>


Trapped Girl is a short film about a woman who gets trapped in her bathroom when the doorknob falls off. Beyond the door her life is falling apart, and when she's set free hours later she finds herself stumbling into a new reality. Trapped Girl screened at festivals in the US and Canada in 2014 and is now streaming on Vimeo.