KAYA is a thriller short film starring Shakira Barrera (Netflix’s GLOW), shot in New Mexico in July 2018, supported in part by The Future of Film is Female. The film entered the 2019 festival circuit with a premiere at the Las Cruces Film Festival and and won the Audience Choice Award. More festival news coming soon!

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A woman’s desperate search through truck stops and motels explodes in vigilante justice when she discovers a young girl being trafficked by the same crew of truckers who took her teenage sister.

“What Catherine Fordham does in her new short film, KAYA, is shoot us out of a cannon into the gritty, grimy world of a young woman in a desperate search for her sister who's been lost in the world of sex trafficking. This succinct snapshot encapsulates the palpable energy of women, including the filmmaker, on a mission.”
— Caryn Coleman
Director of Programming/Special Projects Nitehawk Cinema



CONSOMMÉ is a six-minute subversive horror film starring Monica West, now streaming on AMC’s Shudder and Vimeo. It screened at numerous festivals across North America, Europe and Tel Aviv in 2016/17/18, and at MoMA as part of The Future of Film is Female series highlighting female directors in 2018.

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HuffPost Arts and Culture Feature, The National Herald,  Monologue Blogger Review, Monologue Blogger Interview, The Hollywood Reporter.

“I liked the editing”
— Werner Herzon

"Ending with your film, every audience member is going to want to go out and conquer the world in the name of women.”
— Juliet Burch, Programming Director, Annapolis Film Festival

"Your film will stick with me for a long time and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing"
Audience member, Annapolis Film Festival.


Best Thing You'll Ever Do, created by Monica West and directed by Catherine Fordham, is an award-winning scripted mini-series tackling "the baby question."  More here>

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"Best Thing You'll Ever Do is a comedy that everyone, regardless of whether or not they've decided to start a family, will instantly identify with."
- Chris Hadley, Snobby Robot

"Best Thing is evidently resonant for people who are in a similar situation to Mae, but it goes beyond that group thanks to its strong directorial work, the sharp quality of its production, and the subtlety of its acting." - Sam Gutelle, Tube Filter

"A brave series that challenges the social norms women are expected to fill - brought to attention in a very comical way." - Michelle Rose NetTVnow

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