CONSOMMÉ is now streaming on amc's shudder, and Vimeo

Written and Directed by Catherine Fordham, Consommé  is a six-minute subversive thriller/horror film which begs the question: What is an appropriate response to sexual violence? Sparse, raw, cathartic, and humorously visceral, Consommé screams out like 90s feminist punk rock — Bikini Kill in pictures



BEST THING YOU'LL EVER DO is now on SEed and spark 

Best Thing You'll Ever Do, created by Monica West and directed by Catherine Fordham, is a scripted mini-series tackling "the baby question."  



When the bathroom doorknob falls off, a girl is trapped inside. Beyond the door her life is falling apart, and when she's set free hours later she finds herself stumbling into a new reality. After playing festivals in New York and LA.