KAYA, starring Shakira Barrera (Netflix’s GLOW, Queen of the South), is a thriller short film and a proof-of-concept for the feature, Wild Cry Ha. The film was shot in Socorro, New Mexico, July 2018 and was supported in part by a grant from The Future of Film is Female.

Kaya truck.jpeg


A woman’s desperate search through truck stops and motels explodes in vigilante justice when she discovers a young girl being trafficked by the same crew of truckers who took her teenage sister.



Kaya Del Lobo searches for her teenage sister, Luna, who was taken by a sex trafficker and truck driver named Buck. Instead she discovers another young girl with a connection to Buck’s crew. Desperate to extract the girl, and get information out of the local pimp, Kaya takes her place with her last “date” in a seedy motel room in Socorro, New Mexico.