Sanguine is a collection of three short films written and directed by Catherine Fordham. 

The first film, Consommé (in post-production), is about a woman who eats her attacker, the second is about a woman who cuts out her own heart and the third is about a hermit who is pulled from her cocoon by a car accident victim.

The films are united in their visceral, direct, and punk-inspired aesthetic. "Sanguine" is a blood red color, and also refers to the ruddy red one gets in her cheeks when she's determined, in the face of bad circumstances. Blood is in all three films and represents a connection to the real world in all its beautiful gore.

Filming the next two shorts in the Sanguine collection is Catherine's current focus. After producing Consommé through private funding, Catherine is seeking additional funding to complete Sanguine

If you know of an organization or individual interested in getting involved as an executive producer or partner, please get in touch with Catherine: